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    First Post! This Changes Everything. Again. 05/22/2011 21:45

    Hi there true believers!

    Pardon me for the title of this post. I just can’t help myself stealing that tag line from the iPhone 4 ad.

    Well, if you are seeing only this post, it means you’re one nosy visitor! As of this writing, the site is in BETA status. Things are okay and core blogging functions are working. Making my old site’s design conform to WordPress theme structure is not an easy process as I’ve imagined. But I think the outcome is all worth it.

    This is not an official post for this site. I’ll explain the direction of this site once I figure things out with WordPress. If you’re a visitor with WordPress experience, perhaps you can advise me on a few things like, how do I get a custom avatar on this site? I don’t see any options to allow me to upload an avatar.

    I’m going to make this site useful rather than egocentric like it used to be. So, till then watch out for this spot.

    PS – It took me three times to edit and update this post! I’m such a bad writer.


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