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    Code of silence: not ratting on your colleagues once you've been pinched?no longer a strong virtue in organized crime families. Also see Omert
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    Skyline 06/12/2011 21:46

    This 3D screensaver is highly praised as one of the best individual projects ever done for the Introduction to Computer Graphics course. The project aims to emulate and highlight the beauty of a night skyline. It simulates an urban environment with a fast-forward effect on every movement of vehicle and flashing building lights can be seen in the model. Simple Artificial Intelligence techniques are applied on the autonomous vehicles. During implementation, I exploited various resource-saving graphics techniques in construction of the model.

    I am personally proud of this because for only two weeks I am able to come up with this visualization project, and started with no absolute knowledge in computer graphics. Most of what I was able to show here are self-studied.


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