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    "The richest man is the one with the most powerful friends."
    Don Altobello, The Godfather III
    More Power But With Less Responsibility 07/27/2011 00:13

    It’s been weeks since I last mentioned that I’m migrating the system from the old one to WordPress. Honestly, that task was done long ago already. What took time was migrating the data. Ok… I lied. It’s actually getting dedicated time to do data migration that delayed things. Data migration is a boring task and I just casually do it now and then.

    Now, the wait is over! This is officially the new version of my site. Now, it’s easier for me to post and do a lot of other things, but I also don’t have to be extra-responsible in managing and securing the things I put here (Hence, the title of this post). I don’t have a new article to post but I already got something in mind. So, please come back some time later.


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