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    Monster Blade 08/27/2013 12:52


    Monster Blade is 3D Action game built using Unity. In this project, I lead the prototyping phase up to the pre-Beta stage. I programmed the core and foundational modules of the game that will tie them up together. Later on, I left the project for personal reasons. I find that this game felt more like a real game compared to the other previous projects in Nubee.

    One might notice the similarity to Monster Hunter and Infinity Blade. There’s no denying that the base game mechanics and theme are based from those two games, but in this game our Game Designer integrated unique mechanics to make it stand out. The challenges in the game are of no joke — this isn’t not just for your usual casual player.

    Upon the release of this game, it was progressively recognized by the audience positively. There were several reviews and news that came out that highlighted Monster Blade:

    Download it from AppStore
    Download it from Android Market


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