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    Shakedown: to blackmail or try to get money from someone; also to give someone a scare.
    The Sopranos: Mobspeak

    Game Development

    Projects related to Game Development are showcased here. This is my chosen profession. Truly, this is the one of the hardest routes to pursue and it would be shame not to show some stuff I’ve handled while journeying through this path. Pardon me if these are not as fantastic as most of you expect them to be.

    Burn Zombie Burn 06/12/2011 22:39

    This is a porting project from Doublesix. My partner and I are tasked to port the PS3 game to PC for distribution on Steam. Most notable issues of the game were the controls, the video, and the sound. I have fixed the sound issues for the PC. I formulated a solution for the controls to be PC-playable. In terms of video, I solved the resolution switching. The rest were adding and modifying game play tweaks, and building installer and configuration helper applications.

    You can purchase the game from its page in Steam.

    Circus Games a.k.a. Funfair Party 06/12/2011 22:31

    This is actually a Wii-fied version of a game originally made for the coin-op machine. In the construction of the project, I took part in designing the game at the beginning and finished implementing it till the end. I am the Lead Programmer for this project and I had experienced various “hats” in order to make this game a reality. Technically, using C++, I’ve done engine modifications tom improve the engine and make it do things it originally couldn’t handle. I used TorqueScript, the engine’s cross-platform scripting language, to program the gameplay in.

    More game details at:

    Evogents 06/12/2011 22:05

    This thesis and its savannah-themed simulation software patterned to a game environment, simulates autonomous agents applied with Genetic Algorithms and Reinforcement Learning, and its efficiency in improving the survival of the agent in a predator-prey domain. In this project, I performed as a leader in the developmental process over three colleagues. I constructed the overall “Game” framework from scratch as well as the design and creation all of the original graphics and sprites. Moreover, I took part in creating the Artificial Intelligence of the agents. In implementation, I applied most of the tried and tested resource-saving game development techniques as much as possible.

    Skyline 06/12/2011 21:46

    This 3D screensaver is highly praised as one of the best individual projects ever done for the Introduction to Computer Graphics course. The project aims to emulate and highlight the beauty of a night skyline. It simulates an urban environment with a fast-forward effect on every movement of vehicle and flashing building lights can be seen in the model. Simple Artificial Intelligence techniques are applied on the autonomous vehicles. During implementation, I exploited various resource-saving graphics techniques in construction of the model.

    I am personally proud of this because for only two weeks I am able to come up with this visualization project, and started with no absolute knowledge in computer graphics. Most of what I was able to show here are self-studied.

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