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    Eat alone: to keep for one's self; to be greedy.
    The Sopranos: Mobspeak

    Web Development

    Projects related to Web Development are showcased here. This is a skill that I got fond of by accident. I was involved in Web Development prior to my formal concentration on Game Development. I was already creating websites during the Web’s infancy. To clarify, my web development interest and works are geared more on the graphic design rather than the technical aspect.

    ANGAZONE Sports & Outdoor 05/30/2011 12:37


    This is a web-based online store developed for my Advanced Database course. This website uses data mining and a classification system to determine the customer’s interests during their visit. My role in this project is mostly the front-end and user interface. I also populated the database with all the inventory the store will make use. In addition, I provided some assistance in developing few of the back-end.

    PC Junction 05/30/2011 12:34

    PC Junciton

    This is a web-based online store developed for my Web Development subject in the University . In fact, this is my first attempt on using a scripting language. Java Server Pages is the scripting language required for this project. This is an average type of online computer store where you sell certain items or packages and place them in a shopping cart. This website also has a full back-end system that is needed for the store like stock replenishment, application of discount or special offers, inventory replenishment and ordering, user management, and many more. Although this is a group project, I was unfortunately the only one doing the project. Hence, I did almost all of the implementation of the website.

    Otaku Aishouka Shinsei Kamei 05/30/2011 12:24

    Otaku Aishouka Shinsei Kamei

    As a co-founder of this online group of Anime MP3 Request sites, the website was built as the group’s homepage, where most requesting operations were handled. The GUI was designed with a futuristic console in mind.

    TrueMayhem Anime Online Venture 05/28/2011 23:50

    TrueMayhem Anime Online Venture Version 3.0TrueMayhem Anime Online Venture Version 4.0

    This is a personal website made to satisfy a personal hobby. A website, which collects Anime MP3 requests from visitors and provides a downloadable link to the requested file on the next update. In total, there were four designs applied on this website, with the third having to be featured in the “The WEB Philippines” magazine and became nominated in the Philippine Web Awards.

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