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    "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."
    Michael Corleone, The Godfather


    Evogents 06/12/2011 22:05

    This thesis and its savannah-themed simulation software patterned to a game environment, simulates autonomous agents applied with Genetic Algorithms and Reinforcement Learning, and its efficiency in improving the survival of the agent in a predator-prey domain. In this project, I performed as a leader in the developmental process over three colleagues. I constructed the overall “Game” framework from scratch as well as the design and creation all of the original graphics and sprites. Moreover, I took part in creating the Artificial Intelligence of the agents. In implementation, I applied most of the tried and tested resource-saving game development techniques as much as possible.

    Skyline 06/12/2011 21:46

    This 3D screensaver is highly praised as one of the best individual projects ever done for the Introduction to Computer Graphics course. The project aims to emulate and highlight the beauty of a night skyline. It simulates an urban environment with a fast-forward effect on every movement of vehicle and flashing building lights can be seen in the model. Simple Artificial Intelligence techniques are applied on the autonomous vehicles. During implementation, I exploited various resource-saving graphics techniques in construction of the model.

    I am personally proud of this because for only two weeks I am able to come up with this visualization project, and started with no absolute knowledge in computer graphics. Most of what I was able to show here are self-studied.

    CodeCalibre 06/12/2011 11:30

    CodeCalibre WordPress Theme

    This is a conversion work I did for my personal website. I switched my custom CMS in favor of WordPress for many technical and security reasons. I needed to convert my previous site’s theme to conform with WordPress’ architecture. The conversion process isn’t easy as I originally expected but it’s not that hard either. I applaud WordPress for developing such a great online application for blogging or CMS.

    Kuju Manila 06/12/2011 10:50

    This is a corporate web presence project from my company that I worked for. The challenging part here is to create a website big and scalable enough without any server-side scripting. This is due to the company not having a host to support PHP and the company is not willing to spend for a CMS-based website. So, I’m left to put in database-like entries using JavaScript without having to tire myself creating page after page.

    CodeCalibre (previously known as Death4Hire) 06/12/2011 10:32

    CodeCalibre website

    This is a personal website of mine. The website features a personal blog, photo and project blog, which is built from scratch and comes with its corresponding online management system of the said features. A custom content management system was created together with the website. Every part of the site from back-end to front-end, including graphics, are personally drawn and programmed.

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