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    Name:My Portrait
    Andrei Victor
    CodeCalibre, TuneCalibre, Drei
    Current Occupation:
    Game Programmer
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    Hi! I’m Andrei, a game developer. I make interactive entertainment software (games) for different platforms. I love game technology very much. I enjoy creating games and the supporting technologies it needs. I desire learning new platforms and technologies as I go through each phase of my career in the Games Industry.

    As a game programmer, I make meta-structures, frameworks, and engine-level programming. In fact, these are what I enjoy doing the most. I love mastering programming languages, algorithms and techniques that relate to interactive entertainment software. Most important of it all — I really enjoy playing great games! I’ve been doing this since I was a kid and I don’t see myself stopping.

    I am generally a guy who does almost anything and a big part of me thirsts to learn new skills even beyond the scope of my field. I learn things fast, and can learn things unsupervised.

    To me, being in the Games Industry is something more than life. It actually gives me purpose.

    As for what I do beside programming games? Well, I do like watching movies and TV shows. I am crazy for Martial Arts! I love traditional Japanese Jujutsu (Jujitsu) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I also like doing other physical stuff like weight-lifting and fitness, and playing badminton.

    I am a beginner in Music Production as well. Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is what motivated me in music creation. It is a long way to go but it surely looks fun.

    I have a weakness for good food, gadgets and puppies.

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